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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

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Abraham Jackson

Abraham "Jax" Jackson
Elemental Mage

Joe Manganiello


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
254 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him


Occupation Indepth:
A Guardian through and through. He was born into it and has always been in it. He's trained in various forms of fighting in case his elemental magic fails him.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Brown, short


General Dressing Style:
Jax likes to keep it simple whether he's working or relaxing. Jeans and a tee are his staples for pretty much anything, though a long coat will often accompany the outfit if he's working and needs to keep any weapons covered up. He will, however, put more effort into his appearance for certain events, like a performance his daughter is in will earn a suit.

General Description:
Two things stick out immediately upon first glancing upon him.

First, he has a healthy dose of white hair in his beard that he keeps well-manicured and not too long since a little scruff never hurt anyone. Even with the white reaching up into his temples, Jax's wavy hair is still all his natural shade of brown. This might inspire some men to keep his face clean-shaven but Jax thinks the salt and pepper beard makes him look more distinguished.

The second eye-catching feature he possesses comes in the form of a tall and very well-maintained body with abs, he’s been told by a few women, clothes can be washed on.

Joe Manganiello


Guitar: He's self-taught, learning a bit later in life but finding it a good way to unwind.

His Family: They are what keep him motivated and continue to stay with the Guardians, to keep the world safe for them. They inspire him to be a better person overall.

Honourable: He tries his best to do the right thing and be someone his kids can be proud of. A promise whether he's giving it or receiving, is to be taken seriously.

Cats: He's allergic to them.

Shifters & Vampires: Most of them can't be trusted. Even the ones he somewhat trusts, he's still cautious around.

Over-protective: A Guardian with a family is a Guardian with a weakness.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Snorts when he's amused by the latest BS he's being fed and he knows he shouldn't say anything--either because it's to a superior or he's waiting to see where it leads.

General Personality:
Being from the famous Jackson bloodline of hunters means Jax has only known that life. He's even named Abraham after Van Helsing--which he hates and is why he only goes by Jax. But he's always taken his task as protector seriously and even more so when he fell in love and had a family.

His children are the most important things in the world to him, and while his duty will always come first due to what would happen if their world was exposed, Jax will move heaven and hell for his kids all the same. He's always the loudest and proudest parent at his daughter's dance recitals and if he misses one due to work, he carries the guilt for days and apologises endlessly to her.

He can be a rather intimidating man with how tall and built he is and his scowl doesn't help anything either. Sometimes he plays that up, especially now that his baby girl is getting into an age where she might start dating. But for the most part, he is rather gruff and blunt, except his kids will say he's a teddy bear.

Joe Manganiello


Parents: Theodore and Nora Jackson
Siblings: None
Kids: Lyric Jackson and Nocturne Jackson

Nightingale Symphony, wife that abandoned him and the kids.

Actually born in 1818 but only his fellow Guardians know this. He kept that from his wife who was very much mundane at the time. His children were told when he felt they were old enough to accept such a truth.

His wife vanished ten years ago. Most people believe she left them and come up with their own scandalous reasons but no one knows for sure as she hasn't been heard from again.

Strongest in fire magic.

Important History:
Coming from a long line of Guardians, Jax always knew what his path in life would be. He was even named Abraham after one of the greatest hunters of any generation. As a child, young Abe trained with his family and stayed home studying the history of their lines and Guardians as a whole while his parents were called out to action. He had other studies but found them boring and did his best to put them off until his mom was home and made sure he did them as school wasn't an option for him. They were always on the move, going where the action was and where they were needed the most.

When he wasn't stuck reading boring books, he was training with various weapons and eventually with magic. He showed an aptitude for the elemental with fire being his main element. By the time he was twenty, he had already started insisting on being called Jax to distance himself from the famous hunter but due to his skill with a crossbow and his strength with fire, he was becoming a famed vampire assassin in his own right.

Eventually he wanted to go solo, deciding it was best that he didn't work with his parents forever, but Jax was given a partner or sometimes a team to work with. He hated it and preferred to work alone but that went against the structure of the Guardians and he tolerated it as much as he could.

By the early 1990s, he was in Canada on an assignment that had him sticking around a city longer than he normally would have. Forming lasting connections had never been his thing--until Nightingale Symphony. She had waltzed into his life as easily as she had waltzed into the park the day they met. He had slowly been teaching himself how to play guitar in his down time and had him lightly strumming an easy tune on a quiet afternoon off. She had invited herself to join him and offered some of her homemade granola. Before he knew it, several hours had passed and he asked to take her out for dinner as he realised he didn't want to part ways with her.

Dinner went well and he found himself back at her apartment that she shared with two other women. The group of them watched movies well into the night with Nightingale falling asleep on him. A promise was made to call her again soon, and Jax kept it. He was utterly enchanted (metaphorically--he had himself checked for any spells and curses) by her and after a few months of dates, they married. She was a complete mundane but believed in all things preternatural and accepted his life as a peacekeeper, especially since Jax had decided to become a Guardian of the city, staying stationed in one place and no longer travelling.

They bought a cute four bedroom house in an older neighbourhood that Nightingale fell in love with for the charm of the houses and all the grown beautiful trees. Jax didn't care where they lived, as long as they were together, but he did like the large backyard and how much Nightingale loved the garden.

After three years of trying for a child, Nocturne was born. Jax didn't think he had room in his heart for someone other than Nightingale but he was wrong. As soon as he saw his son, he went into fierce papa bear mode, knowing he would do anything to keep that boy safe and happy. But being a family man and Guardian was hard and work kept him away more often than he would have liked. It didn't seem to matter that he wanted to stay in one place, if a large enough mission was happening elsewhere, the best of the best or large forces were called in. But he did his best to be there for them both, attending events that mattered to them and just listening to them about their days.

When Lyrical was born, Jax still couldn't believe they had been blessed with a second child and loved his daughter as much as he loved Nocturne. He was far more determined to be there for her, not wanting to miss out on more of his family's lives. He thought he was succeeding--until the day Nightingale dropped Lyrical off at a dance practice but didn't return to pick her up and never returned home.

He spent two years looking first within the city and then following any leads no matter where they took him before finally admitting she was gone and didn't want to be found by him, their kids, or her sister. He's never stopped blaming himself for her leaving and a bit of joy has gone out in his eyes though he tries to hide that from his kids who still mean the most to him.

He has also grappled with continuing the family's Guardian legacy for years but with his son being a null and his daughter far too sweet for the life of constant war, Jax hasn't pushed either of them into the family business. Nocturne makes a token effort with assisting at the base but he knows it's not what the boy wants and Jax isn't sure Nocturne will have children or allow them into the life either. He wants them to be themselves and do what makes them happy and the more time passes, the more he's starting to think traditions don't matter.

Joe Manganiello

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Joe Manganiello

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