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Rhys Evans

Rhys Evans
Arcane Mage

Lucky Blue Smith


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
21 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Guardian in Training, Model

Occupation Indepth:
Upon finishing high school, Rhys started training with the Guardians. He also did (and sometimes still will) model for his fashion designer dad's magical creations.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Blonde, slightly shaggy

Fit but slim

General Dressing Style:
Very casual and comfortable so he’s never hindered in anything he does. Of course most of his clothes are from his father’s fashion line and usually carry an enchant to keep everything clean.

General Description:
Large blue bordering on grey eyes that can leave him looking bewildered at times. Other times, he can almost pull off charm with soft expressions.

Light blonde locks that are styled slightly on the messy side. Kept shorter on the side and longer on the top so it sometimes looks like he has bedhead if he doesn’t style it.

Rhys has his father’s jawline and facial structure which makes for an uncanny similarity that most people can’t overlook if they know the man. The only difference that is strongly noticeable between the two men is Rhys’s full plush lips which he gets from his mother. It’s due to those lips and wide bright eyes that Rhyscan pull off dramatic expressions ranging from extremely pouty to large smiles that fully reflect his mood since he hasn’t mastered acting otherwise.

Since reaching his full height and joining the Society, Rhys has lost the softness of youth to a toned and lean body that he keeps in shape with regular exercise and training routines.

Lucky Blue Smith


Swimming: He competed in high school and just enjoys being in the water whether it's his family's pool or at the lake.

Coffee: Sometimes a little extra kick is needed.

Secluded/Abandoned Places: Sometimes he likes to get away from it all and hides in a park or even a vacant lot/building. He'll either practice magic, read, or just enjoy the silence for a while.

Puzzles: Both the pictures that need to be assembled and word puzzles. He likes the challenge behind each and used to have a stack of both in his room growing up.

Level-headed: Even when he listens to his heart and does something impulsively, Rhys manages to find his stride again and works through issues he’s faced with.

Amiable:Rhys isn’t always outgoing but he’s rather friendly and finds it easy to get along with most everyone.

Honest: He struggles with lying even for the smallest of reasons. Because of this, he's also not one to break rules/laws.

Sweet Treats: Special occasions will see him eat a small piece but generally Rhys prefers fruits and vegetables as snacks.

Perfectionist: Rhys holds himself to high standards and while he’s not a poor sport or sore loser, he doesn’t think second best is good enough. He wants to be the best at what he does and will train over and over and learn all he can to ensure he’s perfect in something.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Rhys has a faint Irish accent thanks to living in Ireland for the first seven years of his life. When any emotion hits him strongly, it comes out more prominently.

Frowns when he's thinking too hard/over-thinking.

General Personality:
Rhys knows when to be quiet and behave but also knows when and how to have fun. He’s typically rather mellow but when something he really likes or enjoys is happening, he can be a normal boy laughing and joking with the best of them.

Given his age, Rhys does date here and there but nothing serious, nor does he actually look for hook ups. In high school, he had some crushes but his shyness kept him from making a move. Now that he’s joined the Society and wants to become a Guardian, dating really isn’t a main focus of his and he’ll likely fail at relationships anyway given that focus while trying to find his identity and prove himself.

Proving himself will be a thing for Rhys. He hates being less than perfect and will try hard at everything thrown his way in his training and life in general.

When left to his own devices and not worrying about expectations, Rhysis a clever boy that likes working on puzzles and strategies. If there is any pressure on him to solve the issue, he doesn’t notice but instead finds it an almost soothing task. There’s a sense of purpose that takes over as he works on them and pride when everything is solved.

Lucky Blue Smith


Parents: Padraig Evans and Rowena Evans
Siblings: None
Kids: None that he knows about

Past Friends: Cassandra-Jade McDonald
Friends: Audrey Mason

Rhys is actually part fae (Tuatha Dé Danann), though he is unaware of that fact himself. His father is full fae but has been living as a mage for the last two centuries.

He does modelling for his dad's fashion line sometimes, and those that know about Guardians can know that he's been in their training program for a while.

He's fairly good across the board of standard arcane spells but excels in psychic shields and illusions.

Important History:
Rhys is the only child of Padraig (famous mage fashion designer to the supernatural world) and Rowena (mage and model). His childhood wasn't really that common given the mansion he grew up in and the staff that cooked and cleaned. He stayed relatively down to earth, however, thanks to most kids being kids and not caring about such things and then going to a public high school and interacting with all sorts. He did still end up in a few scuffles early on due to other kids wanting to bring him down a peg but overall, life was pretty normal for a kid balancing the fancy life with being just a kid wanting to have fun and get a little dirty.

In high school, he found his clique though he was openly friendly to everyone and tried to help people where he could. His concept of money usually left him throwing it around without thinking how it looked to others, even if he was using it to help or spoil those people. But overall, it was a rather mundane experience where he learned and passed everything tossed his (with a lot of studying and determination to be the best) way while learning a bit more control over his magic in his free time.

Upon graduating, Rhys decided college wasn't in his future and while he loved his dad's designs and had been told he could make it as a model like his mom, he decided to join the Guardians. It just fit with his nature to defend his friends and following rules. He's still considered a recruit, only being in his first year of training, but Rhys tries hard to prove his worth and loyalty to the Society while attempting to maintain his friendships and a bit of fun.

Lucky Blue Smith

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Lucky Blue Smith

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