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Aislin Moore

Aislin "Fig" Moore
Vampire, Sired by Rafe Dubois

Courtney Eaton


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
120 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Personal Assistant to Rafe in general and at Indulge

Occupation Indepth:
Fig assists Rafe in any area required of her. It's mostly schedule keeping and running errands.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Brown, long


General Dressing Style:
Modesty is not something that weighs her down and low cut tops and short dresses fill her wardrobe. Aislin is also the type to wear a suit…without a shirt under the blazer. When she has to behave, proper dresses are worn but comfy and cute is where her tastes usually lie.

General Description:
Eyes: Light brown that are close to being classified as unremarkable.

Hair: Wavy brown locks that reach down to her waist. Shorter pieces frame her face, though she doesn’t have actual fringe. It’s typically kept loose but when needed, it’s pulled back in a low pony tail or done up elaborately.

Being slightly above average in height for women, Aislin comes across as lithe due to her slim shape. Most of her height is in her legs with a rather uneventful torso that has just enough curves for her to tease with.

She has high cheekbones and when she smiles – which is often and bright – she appears to have chipmunk cheeks, giving her a slightly pudgier-looking face. Her short nose doesn’t help either, leaving her looking younger than she actually is.

Courtney Eaton


Being Outside: Given she can no longer go out in the day, Aislin loves being outside as much as possible at night.

Sex: Sex has multiple uses. It’s a good way to relieve stress, pass the time, and bond with someone. While her romantic side knows it should be something special between two people, she still typically sees it as something to enjoy with anyone close to her that she calls friend or is attracted to. Given her extended life, she has all the time in the world to find someone to settle down with so need to rush through the fun!

Strong-willed/Determined: She might be ditzy and naïve, but she’s still a vampire and tough. Nothing keeps her down for long and she’ll continue on her current path regardless of bumps.

Charismatic: She’s easy to get along with and casts a smile at anyone she crosses paths with.

Compassionate: She wants to help everyone she’s capable of and even those that she knows she can’t, she’ll try to find someone else who can.

Judgemental People: While she can be accused of that by judging how hot someone is, Aislin is more against people who turn their nose up at others who aren’t as smart or privileged at them or even for judging other species.

Kids: They’re loud, dirty, and need a lot of attention. She can be a bit too self-absorbed and absent-minded to give the proper attention to a child. Not to mention the fact that she hasn't really had to interact with any in 100 years. Probably not the best baby-sitter around.

Lingering Images: She gets her nickname of Fig from being a figment of the imagination. Aislin struggles with fully editing someone’s memories and she has a habit of dream-walking where she isn’t supposed to go.

Impulsive: If she takes too long to decide something, she ends up wavering and fretting over the decision. So she’s adapted to just going with her gut and jumping at a chance that comes her way and making decisions. It doesn’t always work in her favour.

Naïve: Because of her desire to help everyone and be friends with everyone, she doesn’t always see the ugliness in someone or that she’s being taken advantage of.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:

General Personality:
Aislin is a rather even-tempered and bubbly girl. She doesn’t see the need in getting angry or getting into fights and if she does, then it’s for something or someone she deeply cares about. Typically, she’ll go with the flow and do her best not to rock the boat. Attention is nice, but she doesn’t want to attract the wrong sort or be judged as a troublemaker.

Aislin tends to see the good in everyone, even the bully and troublemaker or the pesky wolf shifter snooping around. There’s likely a good reason why they do what they do and maybe they just need someone to listen to them. She’ll do her best to be that person and often her cheerful disposition will at least earn her a new friend, though she likely didn’t change who they are.

She comes across as naïve or far too innocent for her own good, and while she is genuinely sweet, sometimes she plays up the innocence. She knows what is expected of her both as a woman and a child of Master Vampire Rafe, she’ll make sure they see the right side of her that is innocent, pliable, and even a bit dumb. Sometimes, though, it’s not an act and she really is blissfully unaware of more serious issues.

Aislin can also have her ditzy moments. It stems from a gullibility that surfaces when someone is especially good at spinning tall tales that she can’t discern fact from fiction. Daydreaming while doing chores also leaves her in the awkward position of not knowing what’s going on even though she was there the entire time.

Courtney Eaton


She didn't keep an eye on her human family after Turning. Nor does she have children in the normal or vampiric sense.

Plenty. Nothing of note or of a serious nature outside of the occasional hook up with Rafe over the years.



She can sometimes walk in dreams of others though this power is still developing. She also has weak enthrall/suggestion and with these two areas of power combined, she earned her nickname Fig. Humans often are left with a foggy memory of her or figments of the imagination. She can also mind read.

Important History:
Aislin was born in Ireland in 1902 where she lived a rather simple but happy life with her parents, older brother, and younger brother. Playing in fields, attending a modest public school, learning to mend clothes and cook... All that changed when the First World War struck.

Her father decided to join the British army, one of the many that felt if he didn't, Britain would say they did all the work while the Irish stayed at home safe and sound. A year into the War, her older brother also decided to join and that would be the last time she saw him as he died in active duty while her father survived.

When the War ended in 1918, her father made the decision it was time to leave Ireland. The political turmoil had yet to settle and while Europe was currently recovering and safe, he felt a better life was in the United States.

By 1919, they were in New York City, attempting to find the same simple and happy life they once had. But the loss of her brother was felt and the strain on her parents as they tried to find work made for some high tension nights.

In 1921, Aislin went out with a group of friends, finding herself at the dance hall Savoy where she quickly fell in love with the flapper scene. She knew of it, through friends and what was on the news, but being a part of it, with the beautiful dresses and carefree women dancing and smiling, and doing what they wanted... it was where she was meant to be.

She herself had always been outgoing and friendly but her Catholic upbringing often collided with what she wanted to do and Aislin was usually left feeling conflicted and that she was betraying her family and what they loved--though after her brother died, she secretly didn't believe in God as much anymore.

In 1922, Aislin was carefree, happy, dancing to jazz, and meeting cute boys almost on a nightly basis. She always refused to cut her hair in the trendy new bob that all of her friends sported though. She loved her long locks and so did the mysterious blonde man that started showing up at the Savoy and other underground speak easies she had also started attending with friends.

The man, Rafe, seemed to enjoy the game she played with him. Teasing, flirting, some kisses, but never taking it very far. Until one night she agreed to go home with him. On her walk home, just before sunrise, Aislin was mugged by a nervous and trigger happy man. She had handed over her purse but an alley cat made a noise and it caused her to be shot. As she laid dying on the ground, Rafe appeared, lifting her up as if she weighed no more than a piece of paper, and spirited her back to his home.

Two nights later saw her learning about the new life she had agreed to in the alley followed by months of learning how to control her powers. After that, she took on the role of Rafe's personal assistant and occasional lover as they moved through the decades and cities where she easily adapted to each shift in fashion and music--the important things. She never looked back, her family believing she had been killed the night of the mugging and she knew that was for the best. They would never accept her as a vampire or be able to handle knowing about the wider world she now knew was out there.

Now, in present day, Aislin still maintains her positive outlook on everything while enjoying life. She's still a part of Rafe's Family and enjoys being his personal assistant, helping with little tasks here and there. She's essentially a failure when it comes to anything else thanks to her weakness in mental powers so she makes do with what she has to assist the Family.

Courtney Eaton

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Courtney Eaton

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