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Adelaide Moss

Adelaide Moss
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Shifter

Son Yeon-jae

Addie, Fluff, Flopsie,

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
18 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her


Occupation Indepth:
Adelaide is in high school with a part time job waitressing at a shifter-owned restaurant (The same one Cody Park works at)


Eye Colour:
Dark Brown


Hair Colour:
Dark Brown

Slim, toned

General Dressing Style:
Adelaide loves to wear cute things. She likes to look cute, but more, she likes to feel cute. As a result, almost all her clothing comes from unique boutiques and small stalls at the markets that are occasionally held.

Not one to really show an excess of skin, Adelaide tends to wear stockings or thigh high socks with her skirts and dresses, large hair bows often accompany her outfits, as well as big jewellery that could be called gaudy in most circles. Somehow, Adelaide brings it all together and wears it with flair.

General Description:
Adelaide is built of delicate, long lines and gentle curves. Her face is delicately round, but her nose is a little big, her lips a little full, and her eyes a little large. Thick eyebrows pull the features together, and her easy smile brings them all into a radiant display of life. Smallish ears are often hidden behind her long dark hair – when it isn’t pulled up and pinned into place.

Having been tortured by braces as a pre-teen, Adelaide has neat, straight teeth that she takes good care of. She also carefully manicures her nails, and while she rarely paints them or has false nails added on, she does take care to keep them neatly shaped and at a uniform length. She’s always saddened when one breaks.

Adelaide is of a shorter height, standing at only five-five, her body is proportionate, though she appears long-limbed and delicate rather than short and stubby. Her waist to hips is obviously a dip and flare, while her bust is very modest and at times a point of frustration for the young woman who hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that its just not going to become more by itself.

Shifted Description:
Adelaide shifts into a dark blue Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. She’s small enough to fit into the cupped hands of most adults, with soft, thick fur and two button eyes. She has no alternate colours on her coat, for which she is rather proud. Her ears are tiny and soft, always up and alert as she listens to the world around her.


Son Yeon-jae


Big hair bows
Cute clothes


Uniforms - they're so ...uniform!
Makeup - She'll wear it, but prefers not to
Coffee - it tastes gross, and it smells worse!


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Wriggles her nose when she's thinking, like her bunny form.

General Personality:
Adelaide is fun loving, bright and intelligent with a cheerful smile and easy-going nature. She’s trusting, definitely to a fault, with an innocent naivety to her that has the potential to get her into a lot of trouble if not carefully watched by those that care for her. She has no understanding of sarcasm, despite being around it often enough, and instead has been known to take words at face value, which can cause her great amusement or break her precious heart.

Polite and friendly, Adelaide was made for her job as a waitress; she is personable and quick to ease unhappy customers with her light-heartedness and sweet nature. She has the most adorable habit of wiggling her nose when she’s thinking, like she’s known to do in her bunny form.

When she is upset, Adelaide can become pouty and childish, showing that she’s not nearly as mature as her years. She has been known to throw tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, elaborate screaming and foot stamping and petty slapping that is far more dramatic than harmful. After these tantrums, she’ll almost always pretend that it never happened – especially if she didn’t get her way – by ignoring any attempts to request or demand apologies, and she’s never smug when she does get what she wants, simply accepting.

Son Yeon-jae


Parents: Stephen and Rebecca Moss

1998 – Triplets, 2 girls and a boy
1999 – Twins, two boys
2001 – Triplets, 2 boys and a girl
2003.10.09; Adelaide & twin sister
2005 – Twins, two boys

Friends: Cody Park

Romance: She falls in and out of love easily and quickly, with her latest love interest changing as often as daily.




Important History:
Born the younger of the pair, Adelaide and her sister were brought into an already large family, but one that would become larger again with the brith of their twin brothers two years later. With both parents bunny shifters, their children were all thus born too, so a yard full of bunnies was often seen as Adelaide was growing up. She got along best with her twin sister, but had a descent relationship with each of her siblings, and they all looked out for each other.

Like most shifters, Adelaide and her siblings were all home schooled by their parents, and offered (usually reluctantly) the option to go to Highschool when they reached the appropriate age. While the option was there to jump in when she was younger, Adelaide and her sister both opted to wait until they were fourteen before jumping into public school.

In 2018, shortly after turning 16, Adelaide began working part-time after school at a local shifter-owned restaurant. She is a waitress and enjoys the job where she gets to meet new people and watch them enjoy the awesome food the chefs have her deliver. She is always excited when she gets a nice tip, but she isn’t very good at saving up, spending her earnings quickly and happily on cute clothes and fun hair bows and jewellery.

Son Yeon-jae

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Son Yeon-jae

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